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Heartland extends a warm welcome to you!  Whether you're here to simply check us out, or are looking for a good church home in the Norfolk community, we are delighted to have you join us!  Our desire is for Heartland to be a place where everyone is given time and room to grow. That's why we focus on helping people pursue God, find victory, and live intentionally.

"Plan your visit" is all about taking the awkward out of connecting with a new church. We would love to set up a time to visit so you can see what our church is about, how we do things, and start to get to know us. Just to let you know up front, we are not a perfect church. We do follow the perfect example we have in Jesus.

What To Expect

We hope answering some commonly asked questions will help you get adjusted to life at Heartland.
Q: What do I wear?
A: Clothes. Some people dress up, some are in jeans and a t-shirt. Please, no socks and sandals, but even if that is your thing, we are glad you’re here.
Q: What should I expect?
A: People will say hi. Feel free to ask questions. As you walk in, on the left is our greeter desk. They will be able to help you out, show you how to check in your kids, and explain what is available for your students during the week.
Q: Can I drink coffee in the auditorium?
A: Yes! But we call it the Family Room. God adopts broken people like us, making us family. So we decided if the Bible calls us family, why not call the place we meet the family room?
Q: What time should I arrive?
A: Most people start arriving about 10 minutes before service starts. (And most people enter during the first song. We like hanging out with each other.)
Q: Am I expected to give?
A: People who call Heartland home give as God leads. As our guest, you are under no obligation to give.

Q: What translation does Heartland use?
A: We use the New Living Translation (NLT). Pastor Ty says it's best to train with a translation anyone on the streets of Norfolk can understand.

Q: What is a typical service like?
 A: A typical service will last about 60 minutes. We sing a good mix of contemporary and traditional music that is led by our worship team. After we sing, Pastor Ty gives about a 40 sermon about a section of the Bible we are studying. This is followed by giving and a closing song to respond to what we learned from the Bible. There is Kids Ministry available. Feel free to stay after the service for fellowship and meeting new people.

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