Hey parents! June 12-16, 6 to 9 PM!

We’d love for your child to join us at MEGA Sports Camp! All the kids who attend will choose one of these sports to focus on: Football, Soccer, Cheerleading, Volleyball, and a program for those in Pre-K.

But that’s not all. Kids will also enjoy upbeat rallies filled with energetic music, fun sports stories, and Bible stories that will help them discover character traits that can help them excel in sports and in life. All this sports fun takes place at Heartland Church.

We’ll start off every day at 6:00p pmwith Registration. After a fun-filled day, you’ll be able to pick up your child at 9:00 pm. Ready to sign up? Just complete the Registration Form below as well as see more information.
The Boss
MEGA Sports Camp Director


We'd love to see you at mega sports camp!

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Kyle Pasewalk

"The Boss"
The Boss has a passion for sport and seeing people follow the greatest champion of all time, Jesus.

Jordan Click

Baby Boss
Baby Boss is about about kids loving Jesus and seeing how they can have a heart of a champion too.

Pastor Ty

Tyrone, as called by the family team, thinks anyone can be a champion, it is your choice too.


Head Coach: Jane
4 or 5 years old and want to be a part of the big leagues? Pre-K is all about learning the foundations of what sports are.


Head Coach: Jesse
To be a champion, you need to score points, but do you know how to get there? We'll work on route running and fundamentals that set the stage for winning.


Head Coach: Krista
Champions lose heart when they don't have a process. In volleyball you will learn to bump, set, spike to score consistently.


Head Coach: Maesik
People have enough critics but seldom enough cheerleaders. We will work on routines to help you encourage the heart of a champion.


Head Coach: Brian
A champion's heart stays strong because they practice. In soccer we will work on passing and kicking skills to get the ball to the goal.

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Schedule For MEGA Sports Camp And Thursday Block Party!

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